Are you attending #IIC13?

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Are you attending #IIC13?

Tomorrow the Intranetizen four (Jon, Luke, Sharon and Dana) will be off to Interact’s Interaction Intranet Conference. Same with last year, this is the only year where the Intranetizen team is on the speaking bill.

Are you attending this year’s conference? What are you most looking forward to? I bet you said our talk right?

What is the Intranetizen team speaking on?

What topics could we tackle this year that will outshine last year’s? Well, join us in the Versatile Suite at 12.00-12.30 (after James Robertson‘s presentation) and listen to us tell you our thoughts on what the future holds for intranets and the digital workplace. We have pulled out our crystal ball and in 15 seconds per slide – oh yes, our Ignite presentation style is back – we will be either smartly sharing some insightful musings or rushing through our slides and running around the room like a crazy person.

If this excites you do join us tomorrow!

Even if you don’t join our session, please do say hello as we always like to meet new people – especially people with the same intranet passion as us.


  1. Really loved the quick fire input from you guys at Interact today. I’m signing up to the blog and ‘borrowing’ a slide idea or two!

    • Very welcome Louise. Stay tuned for more!

  2. Weird… IIC13 was my nickname since 2-3Years ^_^

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